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Briefing Note on Updated Roadmap Guidance for the Events Sector

The Business Visits & Events Partnership (BVEP) have been working with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) to clarify the situation regarding the conditions under which events can operate from the 17th May & 21st June and have provided the following update to both Step 3 and Step 4 of the Governments Re-Opening Roadmap.

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Statement from the BVEP on the Budget

BVEP welcomes the Chancellor’s additional business support but will need to understand how much of this will support event businesses through to their sustained recovery.

The Chancellor has responded to the Partnership’s ask for extensions to current business support through the announcements on the extension of the furlough scheme, support for the self-employed, the introduction of the Restart Grants and the extension of business rates relief and VAT.

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BVEP consulted on recognition of event professional qualifications as part of UK-EU Trade & Cooperation Agreement

The BVEP is being consulted by the Department of Culture, Digital, Media and Sport (DCMS) on the recognition of professional qualifications. This is part of the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (Brexit Deal) which provides a framework under which the UK and the EU may agree Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs). Any agreement would potentially enable UK event professionals to secure recognition for their professional qualifications within EU Member States.

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Event Professionals - on the Road to Government Recognition

The Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP) the official umbrella body and advocacy group for the UK events industry together with the Institute of Event Management (IEM) have submitted comments to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) with proposed revisions and additions to their SOC2020 draft.

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BVEP says latest research shows an industry on the brink of collapse

The Business Visits & Events Partnership (BVEP) have said that with still no sign of a roadmap to reopening, event businesses, suppliers and event professionals, having faced nearly a year without trading and employment, are now on the brink of collapse from the lack of government support.

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Update on One Industry One Voice initiative

  • Just Giving has gone live again (!)
  • ACTION: Now the page is back up, please can those amazing people/organisations that have pledged pending contributions make them asap this week on the justgiving site please, as we are now engaged with the PR agency and if everyone does that we’ll be at over £50k - thank you! 
  • Good progression generally from new supporters – sporting/hotel/expo/cultural - representation growing all the time across the different associations - for example: Advertising Association, IPM, PRCA, Elsevier, The Arena Group, Accor Group, CVENT, A Man About A Dog (main London festival/music event organiser) – great work TeamWasserman, Martin, Tim, Claire etc!
  • Movement on high profilers - close to securing more music/Sporting individuals as well as looking at DJ’s, regional mayors etc.
  • Claire + Anita to liaise on conversations with NSPCC and other charity CEOs.
  • ACTION: If anyone knows of any large-scale charities CEO’s – please let us know?

PR update/Creative Group - Action Plan review

  • Had second PR agency meeting, Friday 18th September reviewing key Action Plan and Messaging document
  • Concern around not seeing anything in Q4- potentially seeing another 3-week national lockdown – how do we manage that around our campaign? Still have everything ready to go for first few weeks of October and then go live as appropriate from PR agency advice/national press vibe etc – ie looking forward to 2021 etc.
  • Need to be clear on a core narrative – around safety but need to keep in mind messaging vs lockdown.
  • ACTION: keen for general views on timing – we cannot be insensitive to where we are at nationally, public perception wise?
  • Need to liaise with PHA for a strategy based on all the above – possible underlying message to say we are ready when we get the say so…

Action update from sub-groups:


  • A lot more content coming through. Anita has sent through the diff types of events to represent.
  • ACTION: anything majorly missing – let us know?:
    o Conferences/Congresses
    o Global Leaderships Events
    o Motivational & Events
    o Training
    o Awards Dinners
    o Incentives
    o Exhibitions
    o Experiential activations
    o Brand Activations – sport/cultural
    o E-Sports
    o Public Ceremonies
    o Product Launches
    o Festivals
    o Concerts
    o Weddings/Social gatherings (private)
    o Charity events/fundraisers
  • Rick to develop a story board with creative/video team collective


  • Introductions with Tim and HBAA on more venues/hotels etc
  • Hearing really bad things from the hotel sector around closing, restructuring etc.
  • Gentry- needs a narrative for her influencer cousins to say something (Rick to send it over).

Launch/Press Event

  • Under review with PR agency as deffo need to do it – but timing key – does it lead or conclude campaign - tbc

Social activation - website update

  • Everyone needs to give a big push with this
  • ACTION: please keep reaching out to networks – see banner attached if you want to use it with link to – some great work from associations done on this and coming up as well from Headbox and Delegate Wranglers across their dbases/networks recently.

Overriding content but please amend as appropriate:

One Industry One Voice - a truly cross-industry initiative that aims to raise funds for the first ever UK-wide events industry campaign #wecreateexperiences, aimed at the public and corporate buyers through the national media:

to reassure that we are the experts globally, especially in safety measures, as well as creative, digital and sustainability

to inspire by showcasing what we do, the lives our work touches and the genres of events we deliver

to educate our contribution to the economy in employment, GDP, exports, our eco-system inc young employment opps/range of jobs on offer.

The call to action is to:

ACTION 1: Go to click on just giving page and donate

ACTION 2: Spread the word to own networks

ACTION 3: Provide any creative content or high profile industry ambassadors.

Other campaign alignment - LTMP & WME

  • Consistency and avoid confusion and stick to our mantra- nearly there .. wording has now been agreed (good news!) - website being updated with all 3 campaign overviews and then press release to go out likely Tuesday/Wednesday...
  • Commissioning the BVP Research team to start collating all the stats/figures/data that everyone is using.
  • Paul (Freelance Facebook community lead) facilitating cross campaign taskforce meetings: Reps from each campaign to ensure we are all aligned with messaging, who says what, who is campaigning on what aspect, to create consistency of messaging- one voice feel