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HBAA - 'Urgent sector financial support is needed for businesses to survive'

Juliet Price, Consultant Executive Director of HBAA commented:

“The government roadmap is a welcomed indication of when we should see the reopening of the meetings, events and accommodation sector. We now have dates for all of us to work towards and to plan the rebuilding and recovery of this resilient industry.

“We are also very pleased to see that pilot schemes are scheduled and will explore changes to social distancing measures, as this area is proving truly challenging when considering the viability of future meetings and events.

“These dates alone are not enough for the survival of some businesses. Our immediate concern is ensuring that our hard-hit industry receives specific and crucial financial support in next week’s Budget to aid its recovery, including the continuation of furlough, rates relief for 2021/2022, reduction in VAT and an extension of grants to businesses.

“Many will not see the benefit of reopening dates for meetings, events and accommodation as an instant fix, but more of a first step towards earning future income after 12 months of having none at all, and a pathway to ensuring our people can return to employment.”



HBAA is the trade association for the Meetings, Events, and Accommodation Industry.

Driven by leaders, united by collaboration, and representing £70bn* spend into the UK economy. Spearheading representation to government and policymakers, elevating a sector voice, championing change, and sustainable economic health.

Underpinned by four pillars: Resilience, Innovation, Ethics, and Quality.

HBAA drives, promotes and models good business between its members. It champions best practice, ethical working, and sound commercial judgment, making HBAA membership the mark of quality assurance for the sector.


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*Source: BVEP: The UK Events Report 2020