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IEM - Extending Workforce Survey Response Time

The Event Workforce survey has been designed to get a clearer picture of the size and scope of the events sector in the UK together with a better understanding of the current roles and responsibilities. Building on the work already completed around the SIC and SOC codes, the outputs from this survey will aid development of the professional standards at the kick off meeting on 19 August at ACC Liverpool. In addition the outputs will further enhance the recognition of events as a professional sector with a strong voice in the UK Economy as a whole.

The Institute of Event Management Stakeholder Group and wider events sector need to better understand the scope and scale of the profession to help further its narrative and understand what the profession stands for in terms of its future development.

Please follow the link below to complete the survey by 31 August 2021:

The Institute of Event Management is grateful to Cardiff Metropolitan University for its support in hosting this survey.

For further information please contact:
Susan Spibey
Executive Board Chair
Institute of Event Management

Tel: +44 (0)560 366 0524
Mob: +44 (0)7714 245 745
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