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Event Professionals - on the Road to Government Recognition

The Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP) the official umbrella body and advocacy group for the UK events industry together with the Institute of Event Management (IEM) have submitted comments to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) with proposed revisions and additions to their SOC2020 draft.

The Standard Occupational Classification Codes is the system that categorises jobs into general types for the purpose of collecting, calculating, analysing, and disseminating data. The SOC covers all jobs in the national economy, including occupations in the public, private, and military sectors.

As reported in the BVEP’s UK Events Industry Report, the jobs undertaken by those in the events industry are scattered, hidden and non-existent in the existing SOC codes.

As part of the consultation process by the ONS on SOC extension codes, it was requested that the code 3557 ‘Conference and Exhibition Organisers and Managers’ be changed to ‘Event Managers’. As this level was not part of the consultation it was thought unlikely that this would be approved. The ONS have however agreed to change the new SOC2020 codes so that 3557 is now entitled ‘Events Managers and Organisers’. All the new codes to download at the ONS website.

3557: Event managers and organisers
SOC-EXT2020 SOC-EXT2020 Unit Group Title
3557/01 Conference managers and organisers
3557/02 Exhibition managers and organisers
3557/03 Festival managers and organisers
3557/04 Hospitality managers
3557/05 Wedding planners and organisers
3557/99 Conference and exhibition managers and organisers n.e.c.

Susan Spibey, Executive Board Chair of IEM, commented: “This is just a first step towards official recognition of the sector. There is still much work to do as this does not cover the main SOC Code work neither SIC Codes which are used by businesses to register at Companies House. Again, Events does not exist on the SIC Code framework.”

Caroline Jackson, Vice Chair of BVEP and Chair of the Skills & Talent Working Group said: “We are really pleased that the ONS, and the bodies involved in deciding on the new SOC extension codes, have recognised the need for the generic title of ‘Events’. Once this has been published, it will be up to employers and researchers to ensure that those codes directly related to events are used. For too long the valuable events workforce has gone unrecognised and the pandemic has highlighted the need for official figures that the Government accepts.”


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About the BVEP
The Business Visits and Events Partnership’s (BVEP) vision is to support sustainable growth for the UK’s £70 billion UK Events Industry. BVEP’s mission is to support growth across the entire sector via advocacy, networking, collaboration and a collective voice.

The role of the BVEP is to:

  • Operate an umbrella organisation to represent, promote and further the interest of member organisations involved in the United Kingdom Events Industry
  • Advance the interests, standing, quality, sustainability and growth of the United Kingdom Events’ Industry
  • Seek greater collaboration across the Events’ Industry sectors on common issues
  • Forge close links with Government departments, including devolved Governments where possible via representation that can influence favourable policies towards the
    Industry. In particular, maintain strong relationships with key sponsoring departments, DCMS, DIT and Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
  • Seek a stronger link with the Creative Industries and other related sectors
  • Encourage joint events
  • Increase the focus on professionalism and skills development.

About the Institute of Event Management
The Institute of Event Management has been established to provide an opportunity for individuals who already work or wish to work in the Events Sector to gain professional recognition, and to enhance their profile, skills and knowledge.

Our Mission is to champion and develop the event profession for the benefit of business, education, community and society.

Our Vision is to be the Champion for Event Professionals across the diverse and dynamic event sector and to provide opportunities for learning and development.